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Transnational Criminal Organizations

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Sanctions Brochures

Sanctions Brochures are an overview of OFAC's regulations with regard to the Transnational Criminal Organizations Sanctions. They are useful quick reference tools.

Frequently Asked Questions

OFAC has compiled hundreds of frequently asked questions (FAQs) about its sanctions programs and related policies. The link below sends the user to the entire list of OFAC's FAQs.  

Interpretive Guidance

OFAC issues interpretive guidance on specific issues related to the sanctions programs it administers.  These interpretations of OFAC policy are sometimes published in response to a public request for guidance or may be released proactively by OFAC in order to address a complex topic. 

Applying for a Specific OFAC License

It may be in your and the U.S. government’s interest to authorize particular economic activity related to the Transnational Criminal Organizations Sanctions. Visit the link below to apply for an OFAC license.

Press Charts

OFAC publishes charts of the players in and structures of Transnational Criminal Organizations with its press releases.  

2023 Press Charts

Malas Manas - December 2023 

Hernandez Salas Human Smuggling Network - June 2023

MS-13 Honduras - February 2023

TCO Press Charts Archive

LEGAL FRAMEWORK FOR Transnational Criminal Organizations Sanctions

The Transnational Criminal Organizations Sanctions program represents the implementation of multiple legal authorities.  Some of these authorities are in the form of an executive order issued by the President. Other authorities are public laws (statutes) passed by The Congress. These authorities are further codified by OFAC in its regulations which are published in the Code of Federal Regulations (CFR). Modifications to these regulations are posted in the Federal Register.  

Executive Orders

  • 13863 - Taking Additional Steps to Address the National Emergency With Respect to Significant Transnational Criminal Organizations (Effective Date - March 15, 2019)
  • 13581 Blocking Property of Transnational Criminal Organizations (Effective Date - July 25, 2011)


Code of Federal Regulations

  •  31 CFR Part 590 - Transnational Criminal Organizations Sanctions Regulations

Federal Register Notices

  • 87 FR 78484-22 - Publication of Humanitarian Sanctions Regulations Amendment and General Licenses (Nongovernmental Organizations, Agricultural, and Medicine)
  • 87 FR 3207-22 - Amended Transnational Criminal Organizations Sanctions Regulations
  • 84 FR 35307-19 - Amendments to the Global Terrorism Sanctions Regulations (GTSR); Transnational Criminal Organizations Sanctions Regulations (TCOSR); and Hizballah Financial Sanctions Regulations (HFSR)