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Interpretative Rulings on OFAC Policy

Date Document Description Sanctions Programs
​01/12/2017 Guidance on the Provision of Certain Services Relating to the Requirements of U.S. Sanctions Laws ​General
10/28/2016 Guidance on Certain Publishing Activities ​General
03/20/2012 Interpretive Guidance and Statement of Licensing Policy on Internet Freedom in Iran ​Iran
04/12/2011​ Guidance Regarding the Application of the Sudanese Sanctions Regulations to the New State to be Formed by the Secession of Southern Sudan Sudan​
11/17/2006 Prohibitions Imposed by Executive Order 13412; Transshipments of Goods and Financial Transactions Conducted Through Certain Areas of Sudan Sudan
11/09/2004 Guidance to National Automated Clearing House Association (NACHA) on domestic and cross-border ACH transactions General
01/09/2004 Protection and Transfer of Intellectual Property Rights Iraq
12/11/2003 Posting of Information from Iran on Website Iran
11/25/2003 Iran: Travel Exemption Iran
07/08/2003 Substantive Enhancement of Information Iran
07/02/2003 Transactions in Iraqi Debt Iraq
06/19/2003 Oil Proceeds Receipts Account Iraq
06/03/2003 Guidance on Internet Connectivity Iran
05/21/2003 Facilitation of Non-Commercial Humanitarian Funds Transfers Iraq
05/09/2003 Exports/Aircraft Safety Iran
05/09/2003 Equipment to Manufacture Goods Which May Be Sold to Iran Iran
04/30/2003 Internet Access to Informational Materials Iran
04/28/2003 Projects with Target Government Ownership General
04/25/2003 Export of Services - Surveys & Interviews Iran