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OFAC Reporting System

OFAC has created the OFAC Reporting System (ORS) which is an electronic reporting platform accessible to the public for accepting reports on blocked property and rejected transactions required by the Reporting, Procedures and Penalties Regulations, 31 C.F.R. part 501. At present, the use of ORS is voluntary, but OFAC encourages filers to use ORS to file such reports.

To register for access to ORS, please email OFACReport@treasury.gov and include the name of the reporting institution, the name and email of the primary point of contact and any other person empowered to file reports​

OFAC Reporting Forms

​If ORS is temporarily inoperable or if directed by OFAC, persons subject to OFAC reporting requirements may submit reports on blocked property and rejected transactions using the relevant forms below. Filers must send completed forms to OFACReport@treasury.gov