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231. Can U.S. NGOs deliver humanitarian assistance directly to Syria?


Yes. U.S. NGOs may provide services to Syria in support of humanitarian projects in Syria without the need for a specific license from OFAC because this activity is covered under OFAC General License No. 11. However, other U.S. government authorities, including the BIS export requirements, may apply to the delivery of humanitarian assistance to Syria. For further guidance, please review the BIS Syria Web page or contact BIS or contact BIS by phone at (202) 482-4252.

NGOs considering entering Syria to conduct assistance operations should be aware that areas of Syria are extremely unstable and dangerous, and should review the State Department’s Travel Warning for Syria http://travel.state.gov/content/passports/english/alertswarnings/syria-travel-warning.html.

U.S. persons should exercise caution not to engage in prohibited transactions with the Syrian Government or any individual or entity on OFAC’s SDN list.