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Libya Sanctions

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Frequently Asked Questions

OFAC has compiled hundreds of frequently asked questions (FAQs) about its sanctions programs and related policies. The link below sends the user to the entire list of OFAC's FAQs.

Interpretive Guidance

OFAC issues interpretive guidance on specific issues related to the sanctions programs it administers. These interpretations of OFAC policy are sometimes published in response to a public request for guidance or may be released proactively by OFAC in order to address a complex topic.

Applying for a Specific OFAC License

It may be in your and the U.S. government’s interest to authorize particular economic activity related to the Libya Sanctions. Visit the link below to apply for an OFAC license.

Guidance on OFAC Licensing Policy

Certain activities related to the Libya Sanctions may be allowed if they are licensed by OFAC. Below OFAC has issued guidance and statements on specific licensing policies as they relate to the Libya Sanctions.

  • Licenses for Legal Fees and Costs- Guidance on the Release of Limited Amounts of Blocked Funds for Payment of Legal Fees and Costs Incurred in Challenging the Blocking of U.S. Persons in Administrative or Civil Proceedings
  • Entities Owned By Blocked Persons- Guidance On Entities Owned By Persons Whose Property And Interests In Property Are Blocked
  • Statement of Licensing Policy - Statement of Licensing Policy Establishing A Favorable Licensing Regime Through Which U.S. Persons Can Request From OFAC Specific Authorization To Trade In Hydrocarbon Fuel

General Licenses

OFAC issues general licenses in order to authorize activities that would otherwise be prohibited with regard to the Libya Sanctions. General licenses allow all U.S. persons to engage in the activity described in the general license without needing to apply for a specific license.


The Libya Sanctions represent the implementation of multiple legal authorities. Some of these authorities are in the form of executive orders issued by the President. Other authorities are public laws (statutes) passed by Congress. These authorities are further codified by OFAC in its regulations which are published in the Code of Federal Regulations(CFR). Modifications to these regulations are posted in the Federal Register.

Executive Orders

  • 13726- Blocking Property and Suspending Entry into the United States of Persons Contributing to the Situation in Libya (April 19, 2016)
  • 13566- Blocking Property and Prohibiting Certain Transactions Related to Libya (Effective Date - February 25, 2011)


Code of Federal Regulations

Federal Register Notices

  • 88 FR 21912-23 - Publication of Libyan Sanctions Regulations Web General Licenses 5, 6, and 8A.
  • 87 FR 78484-22 - Publication of Humanitarian Sanctions Regulations Amendment and General Licenses (Nongovernmental Organizations, Agricultural, and Medicine)
  • 87 FR 59675-22 - Amended Libyan Sanctions Regulations
  • 76 FR 38562-11 - Libyan Sanctions Regulations