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641. If a country with primary jurisdiction over a foreign financial institution did not receive a significant reduction exception (SRE) under section 1245(d)(4)(D) of the NDAA 2012, can funds currently held at the foreign financial institution in that country on behalf of the Central Bank of Iran be used to facilitate humanitarian trade with Iran?


Yes. Transactions for the sale of agricultural commodities, food, medicine, or medical devices to Iran involving the Central Bank of Iran are excepted from the relevant sanctions under section 1245(d)(2) of the NDAA 2012 and sections 561.203 and 561.204 of the Iranian Financial Sanctions Regulations (31 C.F.R. Part 561) (IFSR), regardless of whether the country has received an SRE. In addition, funds held on behalf of a non-designated Iranian financial institution at a foreign financial institution generally would not be subject to U.S. secondary sanctions and could be used to facilitate humanitarian trade.

Date Released
November 5, 2018