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522. Other than through the existing general licenses, under what circumstances might U.S. persons be authorized to deal in new debt of greater than 30 or 90 days issued by the Government of Venezuela?


In the Lima Declaration of August 8, 2017, 12 countries across the Americas refused to recognize the Constituent Assembly or the laws it adopts because of its illegitimate nature, while at the same time fully backing the democratically elected IV Venezuelan National Assembly seated on January 5, 2016 (“IV National Assembly”). We stand in solidarity with our friends and allies in the region. If the democratically elected IV National Assembly approved a new debt issuance by the Government of Venezuela that Executive Order (E.O.) 13808 would prohibit U.S. persons from dealing in, the United States would consider using licensing authority to allow U.S. persons to deal in the issuance.

Date Updated: January 09, 2023

Date Released
August 25, 2017