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396. How do I know when a name has been added, changed, or removed on the Sectoral Sanctions Identifications (SSI) List?


The SSI List available on OFAC's website is the latest version of the list and contains the most updated information on entities determined to be subject to one or more of the Directives. OFAC also maintains "changes files" that record all significant changes to the SSI List. Any addition, alteration, or removal of an SSI record is considered a significant change and will appear in these files along with the date that such an action occurred. These files are offered in two formats and are called SSINEW14.PDF and SSINEW14.TXT. The changes files are produced by year, thus future file names will be SSINEW15.PDF and SSINEW15.TXT and so on.

Date Released
September 12, 2014