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105. OFAC says it has updated one or more of its sanctions lists, but when I download the appropriate data files from the OFAC website, they appear to be out-of-date. Where can I get the latest SDN information?


OFAC has rigorous quality control procedures in place to ensure that all sanctions list data are current and accurate when they are released (including all of its human-readable list formats [in PDF and text]). All of the sanctions list information is downloaded and checked by OFAC personnel using the same interface that any member of the public might employ. A number of local issues can impact a user’s ability to download current information; many of these issues are associated with caching done by a user’s browser or by the firewall/security systems that protect a specific enterprise. OFAC can only offer technical support when it comes to OFAC provided data and OFAC managed systems (like the OFAC website). If you continue to have difficulty downloading the latest SDN information, OFAC recommends that you contact your internal IS/IT support and request their assistance in resolving a caching issue.

Date Released
May 8, 2018