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232. As a U.S. person, can I send financial donations directly to Syria in support of charitable activities under the Syria NGO General License at § 542.516 of the Syrian Sanctions Regulations (SySR)?


No.  Without a specific license, U.S. persons are not permitted to transfer financial donations directly to Syria or to NGOs in Syria.  If you wish to donate funds in support of humanitarian work in Syria, you may do so by giving funds to U.S. or third-country NGOs to support non-commercial activities in Syria.

If you still wish to send a charitable donation directly to Syria or to a Syrian NGO, you may apply to OFAC for specific authorization to transmit such funds.  You should provide as much information as possible about how the funds would be transferred, the recipients, and the end use of the funds.  Additionally, non-commercial, personal remittances can be sent to Syria under the Syria remittances general license at § 542.512 of the SySR.

Updated: June 05, 2024

Date Released
August 3, 2012