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200. How is this different from lists maintained by the Department of Commerce?


Treasury’s authority under Executive Order 13608 has some similarities to Commerce’s authority under the Export Administration Regulations (“EAR”). Commerce may impose denial orders on persons (both foreign and U.S.) who have committed violations of the EAR or present an imminent risk of committing a violation. These individuals or organizations are listed on Commerce’s Denied Persons List. It is prohibited to deal with Denied Persons in any export transaction involving items (commodities, software, and technology) subject to the EAR. Treasury’s authority under Executive Order 13608 complements Commerce’s authority by addressing at least two types of sanctions violations that are outside the scope of the EAR. Specifically, Treasury may prohibit the provision of services (in addition to goods and technology) to or from identified or listed persons and Treasury may prohibit transactions or dealings involving goods and technology that are not subject to the EAR. However, unlike Commerce’s authority, Treasury’s authority to sanction or list an individual or entity under Executive Order 13608 may be implemented only with respect to foreign individuals or entities.

Date Released
May 1, 2012