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165. To what extent are U.S. persons expected to conduct enhanced due diligence to determine if transactions contain a Government of Iran interest?


E.O. 13599 requires U.S. persons to block all property and interests in property of the Government of Iran, unless otherwise exempt or authorized by OFAC.

Please contact the OFAC Hotline at 202-622-2490 or 1-800-540-6322, or by email at OFAC_Feedback@treasury.gov, for guidance regarding entities that you suspect are owned or controlled by the Government of Iran that do not appear on the SDN List. As a general matter, OFAC expects financial institutions to conduct due diligence on their own direct customers (including, for example, their ownership structure) to confirm that those customers are not persons whose property and interests in property are blocked.

With regard to other types of transactions where a financial institution is acting solely as an intermediary and fails to block transactions involving a sanctions target, OFAC will consider the totality of the circumstances surrounding the bank’s processing of the transaction to determine what, if any, regulatory response is appropriate.

Date Released
February 6, 2012