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1048. After the relevant 365-day divestment period, are U.S. financial institutions required to block the attempted purchase or sale of Chinese Military-Industrial Complex Companies' (CMIC) securities covered by Executive Order (E.O.) 13959, as amended?


No.  E.O. 13959, as amended, does not require U.S. financial institutions to block transactions.  However, transactions that would be prohibited under E.O. 13959, as amended (including an attempted sale of covered securities by a U.S. person made to effect the divestment of CMIC securities after the 365-day divestment period), must be rejected and reported to OFAC within 10 business days.  Consistent with FAQ 863, U.S. financial institutions may continue to intermediate purchases or sales by or from non-U.S. persons to or for non-U.S. persons.  

Date Released
June 1, 2022