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1047. For the purposes of Executive Order (E.O.) 13959, as amended, can holders of Chinese Military-Industrial Complex Companies' (CMIC) securities receive stock splits, cash dividends, or dividend reinvestments related to the covered securities, and are U.S. financial institutions allowed to process transactions related to this activity?


U.S. persons who hold securities of CMICs identified pursuant to E.O. 13959, as amended, may continue to receive cash dividends and stock splits related to such covered securities, and U.S. financial institutions may continue to process such transactions.  However, purchases of CMIC securities effected through dividend reinvestments constitute purchases that are prohibited pursuant to E.O. 13959, as amended.  U.S. persons may, however, continue to facilitate the distribution of dividend reinvestments for non-U.S. persons after the relevant divestment period.

Date Released
June 1, 2022