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104. Can an insurer offer global travel insurance and worldwide travel assistance without violating U.S. sanctions?


The provision of all travel related services are authorized for all OFAC country sanctions programs (including Burma, Iran and Sudan) except Cuba. Travel related services may only be provided in Cuba pursuant to a valid general or specific OFAC license. If the traveler is a U.S. person traveling to Cuba pursuant to a valid OFAC license, travel insurance may be issued to the traveler by a U.S. insurer without a separate license. Similarly, the issuance or provision of coverage for global health, life, or travel insurance policies for individuals ordinarily resident in a country outside of Cuba who travel to or within Cuba is authorized by general license, as is the servicing of such policies and payment of claim arising from events that occurred while the individual was traveling in, or to or from, Cuba. Additionally, insurers should check OFAC’s list of Specially Designated Nationals and other sanctions lists to ensure that no prohibited services are rendered to persons or entities on those lists.

Date Released
January 15, 2015