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Date formatting change in the SDN.XML file

On February 27, 2017, OFAC released an update to the SDN.XML file that it previously released on February 23, 2017.  This update fixed an error in the file that appeared under record number 21266 where the passport issue date range was shown as "01 Jan 2008 to 01 Jan 2008."  The SDN.XML file should have shown the passport issue date as "01 Jan 2008 to 31 Dec 2010."  The new version of the file now shows the correct passport issue date.  While making this change, OFAC chose to bring its date formatting in the SDN.XML file into uniformity with the formatting in its other flat files.  Users may now notice that the formatting of multiple dates in the SDN.XML file have been altered as part of this process.  For example, dates that were once listed as 01/01/1968 now simply read 1968 as they do in OFAC's other flat files.  Only the formatting of date content has changed; the dates themselves remain fundamentally the same.