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Publication of Russia-related Determinations; Issuance of Russia-related General License and Frequently Asked Questions

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The Department of the Treasury's Office of Foreign Assets Control (OFAC) is publishing a Determination for Prohibitions Related to Imports of Aluminum, Copper, and Nickel of Russian Federation Origin, and a Determination for Prohibitions on Certain Services for the Acquisition of Aluminum, Copper, or Nickel of Russian Federation Origin.

OFAC is also issuing Russia-related General License 13I, "Authorizing Certain Administrative Transactions Prohibited by Directive 4 under Executive Order 14024".

OFAC is also issuing five new, Russia-related Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs 1168 - 1172) and amending two Russia-related Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs 1019 and 1128).