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Global Magnitsky Designations

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The following individuals have been added to OFAC's SDN List: 

GONZALEZ BRITO, Andres Laureano (Latin: GONZÁLEZ BRITO, Andrés Laureano), Havana, Cuba; DOB 04 Jul 1954; POB Barajagua, Las Villas, Cuba; alt. POB Barajagua, Cienfuegos, Cuba; nationality Cuba; Gender Male; Chief, Central Army (individual) [GLOMAG]. 
JIMENEZ GONZALEZ, Abelardo (a.k.a. JIMENEZ GONZALEZ, Roberto Abelardo), Infanta 1506 Santa Rosa Y Estevez, Cerro, Cuba; DOB 22 Feb 1952; nationality Cuba; Gender Male; National ID No. 52022201646 (Cuba) (individual) [GLOMAG]. 
LEGRA SOTOLONGO, Roberto (Latin: LEGRÁ SOTOLONGO, Roberto), Havana, Cuba; DOB 1955; POB Baracoa, Cuba; nationality Cuba; Gender Male; Deputy Chief of the General Staff Revolutionary Armed Forces and Chief of the Directorate of Operations of the FAR (individual) [GLOMAG].