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Counter Terrorism Designation; Belarus Designation Update

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The following individual has been added to OFAC's SDN List: 

DJIBO, Ousmane Illiassou (a.k.a. DJIBO, Halid Illiassou; a.k.a. KOUNOU, Ousmane Illasou; a.k.a. "CHAFFORI, Petit"; a.k.a. "CHAPORI, Aboubacar"; a.k.a. "CHAPORI, Petit"; a.k.a. "CHAPPORI, Petit"; a.k.a. "ILLIASSOU, Djibbo"; a.k.a. "TCHAPORI, Petit"), Menaka Region, Mali; I-n-Arabane, Mali; Tillaberi Region, Niger; DOB 1984; POB Niger; nationality Niger; Gender Male (individual) [SDGT]. 

The following changes have been made to OFAC's SDN List: 

SLIZHEVSKY, Oleg Leonidovich (a.k.a. SLIZHEUSKI, Aleh Leanidavich; a.k.a. SLIZHEVSKI, Oleg Leonidovich); nationality Belarus; citizen Belarus; Head of the Public Associations Department, Ministry of Justice (individual) [BELARUS]. -to- SLIZHEVSKY, Oleg Leonidovich (Cyrillic: СЛИЖЕВСКИЙ, Олег Леонидович) (a.k.a. SLIZHEUSKI, Aleh Leanidavich (Cyrillic: СЛІЖЭЎСКІ, Алег Леанідавіч); a.k.a. SLIZHEVSKI, Oleg Leonidovich; a.k.a. SLIZHEVSKIY, Oleg), Minsk, Belarus; DOB 16 Aug 1972; POB Hrodna, Belarus; nationality Belarus; citizen Belarus; Gender Male; Justice Minister of the Republic of Belarus (individual) [BELARUS].