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Burma-related Designations; Kingpin Act Designations Removals

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The following entities have been added to OFAC's SDN List: 

MYANMA TIMBER ENTERPRISE (a.k.a. MYANMAR TIMBER ENTERPRISE; f.k.a. STATE TIMBER BOARD; f.k.a. TIMBER CORPORATION), Gyogone Forest Compound, Bayint Naung Road, Insein Township, Rangoon, Burma; No. (72/74) Shawe Dagon Pagoda Road, Dagon Township, Rangoon, Burma; P.O. Box 206, Ahlone Street, Ahlone Township, Rangoon, Burma; Target Type State-Owned Enterprise [BURMA-EO14014]. 
MYANMAR PEARL ENTERPRISE, Yazathingha Street, Zabuthri Township, Naypyitaw, Burma; No. 10, Strand Road, Kangyi Quarter, Myeik Township, Tanintharyi, Burma; 90 Kanbe St., Yankin Tsp., Rangoon, Burma; No. 4345 Bu Khwe, Naypyitaw, Burma; Target Type State-Owned Enterprise [BURMA-EO14014]. 

The following deletions have been made to OFAC's SDN List: 

HERMANOS WAKED, S.A., Panama; RUC # 466694-1-433666 (Panama) [SDNTK]. 
FRANQUICIAS MULTIPLES S.A., Panama; RUC # 1874692-1-717842 (Panama) [SDNTK]. 
ADMINISTRACION MILLENIUM PLAZA, S.A., Panama; RUC # 1050723-1-547544 (Panama) [SDNTK]. 
LA GRAN BODEGA, S.A., Panama; RUC # 580601-1-448114 (Panama) [SDNTK]. 
RESCATES MARINOS, S.A., Panama; RUC # 1192450-1-580499 (Panama) [SDNTK]. 
FOOD COURT PLAZA MILENIO, S.A., Panama; RUC # 1103474-1-560398 (Panama) [SDNTK]. 
INVERSIONES MP, S.A., Panama; RUC # 1603791-1-666816 (Panama) [SDNTK]. 
PANAMA BIG GAME FISHING, S.A., Panama; RUC # 1538534-1-655100 (Panama) [SDNTK]. 
URBANIZACION ALHAMBRA, S.A., Panama; RUC # 998416-1-535687 (Panama) [SDNTK]. 
HACIENDA PAULISTA, S.A., Panama; RUC # 466985-1-433708 (Panama) [SDNTK]. 
HN Y N (HOT NEWS Y NEWS) PUBLICIDAD, S.A., Panama; RUC # 715153-1-471751 (Panama) [SDNTK]. 
A.M. WAKED E HIJOS, S.A., Panama; RUC # 26961-10-226532 (Panama) [SDNTK]. 
INVERSIONES DEL ATLANTICO, LTD., Panama; RUC # 951371-1-526012 (Panama) [SDNTK]. 
TATUNG INTERNACIONAL, S.A., Panama; RUC # 41534-72-284178 (Panama) [SDNTK]. 
CORPORACION MARITIMA DE COLON, S.A., Panama; RUC # 44053-63-293930 (Panama); alt. RUC # 44503-63-293930 (Panama) [SDNTK].