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The following twelve names have been added to the various versions of OFAC's listing of Specially Designated Nationals and Blocked Persons as "[SDNTK]"s, pursuant to the Foreign Narcotics Kingpin Designation Act and the Foreign Narcotics Kingpin Sanctions Regulations (31 C.F.R. Part 598): ALVAREZ TOSTADO, Jose; AFGHAN, Sher; CARDENAS GUILLEN, Osiel; CARO QUINTERO, Miguel Angel; CHANG, Ping Yun; GILBOA, Joseph; GUZMAN LOERA, Joaquin; HAMIEH, Jamiel; HIGUERA GUERRERO, Ismael; KHAN, Nasir Ali; MALHERBE DE LEON, Oscar; RAMON MAGANA, Alcides. Further details and separate entries for each "a.k.a." are listed below and are available on an ongoing basis in the CHANGES / SDNEW file on OFAC's web site:

AFGHAN, Sher (a.k.a. AFGHAN, Shear; a.k.a. AFGHAN, Shir; a.k.a. AZIZ, Mohammad; a.k.a. KHAN, Abdullah) (DOB 1962; alt. DOB 1959; POB Pakistan) (individual) [SDNTK]

ALVAREZ TOSTADO, Jose (a.k.a. CASTELLANOS ALVAREZ TOSTADO, Juan Jose; a.k.a. GONZALEZ, Jose) (DOB 27 Aug 55; POB Mexico) (individual) [SDNTK]

CARDENAS GUILLEN, Osiel (a.k.a. CARDENAS CASTILLO, Osiel; a.k.a. CARDENAS GILLEN, Osiel; a.k.a. CARDENAS GUILLEN, Ociel; a.k.a. CARDENAS GUILLEN, Oscar; a.k.a. CARDENAS GUILLEN, Oziel; a.k.a. CARDENAS GULLEN, Osiel; a.k.a. CARDENAS TUILLEN, Osiel; a.k.a. SALINA AGUILAR, Jorge; a.k.a. SALINAS AGUILAR, Jorge) (DOB 18 May 67; POB Mexico) (individual) [SDNTK]

CARO QUINTERO, Miguel Angel (DOB 9 Mar 63; POB Mexico) (individual) [SDNTK]

CHANG, Ping Yun (a.k.a. KHUN, Saeng) (DOB 7 Jan 40; POB Burma) (individual) [SDNTK]

GILBOA, Joseph (a.k.a. GIL, Josef; a.k.a. GILBERT, Joseph; a.k.a. GILBOA, Joseph Papzian; a.k.a. GILBOA, Yosef) (DOB 8 Apr 43; POB Israel) (individual) [SDNTK]

GUZMAN LOERA, Joaquin (a.k.a. AREGON, Max; a.k.a. CARO RODRIGUEZ, Gilberto; a.k.a. GUIERREZ LOERA, Jose Luis; a.k.a. GUMAN LOERAL, Joaquin; a.k.a. GUZMAN FERNANDEZ, Joaquin; a.k.a. GUZMAN LOEIA, Joaguin; a.k.a. GUZMAN LOESA, Joaquin; a.k.a. GUZMAN LOREA, Chapo; a.k.a. GUZMAN PADILLA, Joaquin; a.k.a. GUZMAN, Achivaldo; a.k.a. GUZMAN, Archibaldo; a.k.a. GUZMAN, Aureliano; a.k.a. GUZMAN, Chapo; a.k.a. GUZMAN, Joaquin Chapo; a.k.a. ORTEGA, Miguel; a.k.a. OSUNA, Gilberto; a.k.a. RAMIREZ, Joise Luis; a.k.a. RAMOX PEREZ, Jorge) (DOB 25 Dec 54; POB Mexico) (individual) [SDNTK]

HAMIEH, Jamiel (a.k.a. HAMEIAH, Jamel; a.k.a. HAMEIAH, Jamil; a.k.a. HAMEIAH, Mamil; a.k.a. HAMEIEH, Jamil; a.k.a. HAMEIH, Jamill; a.k.a. HAMER, Jamil; a.k.a. HAMIAEH, Jamil; a.k.a. HAMIAH, Jamiel; a.k.a. HAMIE, Jamil; a.k.a. HAMIE, Jamil Abdulkarim; a.k.a. HAMIE, Jamile; a.k.a. HAMIEAH, Jamiel; a.k.a. HAMIEAH, Jamil; a.k.a. HAMIEH, Jamal; a.k.a. HAMIEH, Jamil; a.k.a. HAMIEH, Mamil; a.k.a. HAMIEL, Jamil; a.k.a. HAMIEYE, Jamil; a.k.a. HAMIEYYEH, Jamil; a.k.a. HAMIL, Jamil; a.k.a. HAMIYA, Abdul Jamil; a.k.a. HAMIYE, Jamil; a.k.a. HAMIYYAH, Jamil; a.k.a. HAMIYYEH, Jamil; a.k.a. HAMYH, Jamil; a.k.a. KARIM, Jamil Abdul; a.k.a. NAZIM, Abou; a.k.a. NEZAM, Abu; a.k.a. NIZAM, Abou) (DOB Sep 38) (individual) [SDNTK]

HIGUERA GUERRERO, Ismael (DOB 17 Mar 61; POB Mexico) (individual) [SDNTK]

KHAN, Nasir Ali (a.k.a. KHAN, Ali; a.k.a. KHAN, Nafir Ali; a.k.a. KHAN, Nazir Ali; a.k.a. KHAN, Nisan Ali; a.k.a. KHAN, Nisar Ali; a.k.a. NASIR, Ali Khan; a.k.a. NASIR, Khan Ali) (DOB 1 Oct 55; POB Pakistan) (individual) [SDNTK]

MALHERBE DE LEON, Oscar (a.k.a. BECERRA MIRELES, Martin; a.k.a. BECERRA, Martin; a.k.a. MACHERBE, Oscar; a.k.a. MAHERBE, Oscar; a.k.a. MAHLERBE, Oscar; a.k.a. MAHLERBE, Polo; a.k.a. MALARBE, Oscar; a.k.a. MALERBE, Oscar; a.k.a. MALERHBE DE LEON, Oscar; a.k.a. MALERVA, Oscar; a.k.a. MALHARBE DE LEON, Oscar; a.k.a. MALHERBE DELEON, Oscar; a.k.a. MALMERBE, Oscar; a.k.a. MELARBE, Oscar; a.k.a. NALHERBE, Oscar; a.k.a. QALHARBE DE LEON, Oscar; a.k.a. VARGAS, Jorge) (DOB 10 Jan 64; POB Mexico) (individual) [SDNTK]

RAMON MAGANA, Alcides (a.k.a. ALCIDES MAGANA, Ramon; a.k.a. ALCIDES MAGANE, Ramon; a.k.a. ALCIDES MAYENA, Ramon; a.k.a. ALCIDEZ MAGANA, Ramon; a.k.a. GONZALEZ QUIONES, Jorge; a.k.a. MAGANA ALCIDES, Ramon; a.k.a. MAGANA, Jorge; a.k.a. MAGNA ALCIDEDES, Ramon; a.k.a. MATA, Alcides; a.k.a. RAMON MAGANA, Alcedis; a.k.a. ROMERO, Antonio) (DOB 4 Sep 57) (individual) [SDNTK]

OFAC has also updated its brochure on Narcotics to incorporate the new entries.