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Issuance of 2001 era Cuba Licensing Guidelines (no longer current)

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The Office of Foreign Assets Control has issued License Application Guidelinesfor specific licenses for travel to Cuba to engage in educational exchanges to promote people-to-people contact.

In addition, the Director of the Office of Foreign Assets Control has signed a Memorandum to Unblock and Undesignate effectively removing:

"WITTGREEN, Carlos (a.k.a. Carlos WITTGREEN Antinori; a.k.a. Carlos WITTGREEN A.; a.k.a. Carlos Antonio WITTGREEN), Panama (individual) [CUBA]" from OFAC's SDN listings.

All references to WITTGREEN will be removed from the various versions of the alphabetical list of Specially Designated Nationals and Blocked Persons when additions are next made to the list.