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999. What authorizations exist for entities subject to Directive 4 under Executive Order (E.O.) 14024, “Prohibitions Related to Transactions Involving the Central Bank of the Russian Federation, the National Wealth Fund of the Russian Federation, and the Ministry of Finance of the Russian Federation,” as amended (Russia-related Sovereign Transactions Directive)?


OFAC issued Russia-related General License (GL) 8G to authorize certain energy-related transactions involving the Central Bank of the Russian Federation that would be prohibited by the Russia-related Sovereign Transactions Directive  (see FAQs 976 and 977). 

OFAC issued GL 13E to authorize U.S. persons to pay taxes, fees, or import duties and purchase or receive permits, licenses, registrations, or certifications, to the extent such transactions are prohibited by the Russia-related Sovereign Transactions Directive, provided such transactions are ordinarily incident and necessary to such persons’ day-to-day operations in the Russian Federation.  For further information on the types of transactions authorized by GL 13E, see FAQ 1118.  

OFAC also issued GL 14, authorizing certain transactions involving any Directive 4 entity where the Directive 4 entity’s sole function in the transaction is to act as an operator of a clearing and settlement system.  GL 14 does not authorize any transfer of assets to or from any Directive 4 entity, or any transaction where a Directive 4 entity is either a counterparty or beneficiary to the transaction.  In addition, GL 14 does not authorize any debit to an account on the books of a U.S. financial institution of any Directive 4 entity.  See FAQ 1003.

Note that GL 8G, GL 13E, and GL 14 continue to authorize against the Russia-related Sovereign Transactions Directive.

Date Updated: May 19, 2023

Date Released
March 2, 2022