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991. Why did the Department of the Treasury issue Afghanistan-related General License (GL) 20, “Authorizing Transactions Involving Afghanistan or Governing Institutions in Afghanistan”? 


The U.S. government recognizes that Afghanistan is facing a widespread humanitarian and economic crisis.  Treasury issued Afghanistan-related GL 20  to ensure that U.S. sanctions do not stand in the way of transactions and activities that support basic human needs of the people in Afghanistan.  GL 20 authorizes, to the extent authorization is required, activities necessary to support these needs, including, as established in the United Nations Transitional Engagement Framework (TEF) for Afghanistan, activities necessary to sustain essential social services such as health and education, preserve essential community systems, and promote livelihoods and social cohesion.  This GL helps provide clarity to financial institutions, nongovernmental organizations, international organizations, and private sector entities that they can facilitate the broad range of activities needed to mitigate further worsening of Afghanistan’s economic and humanitarian crisis.  This includes commercial activities in or involving Afghanistan.  For other specific examples of the kinds of activities authorized by General License 20, please see FAQ 992

Date Released
February 25, 2022