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92. I'm a subscriber to OFAC's e-mail notification services. For some reason I have stopped receiving the broadcast messages when OFAC updates its website. Why is this?


Check to see if the messages are in your SPAM folder. Mostly likely, it is your SPAM filter or your network configuration that is preventing you from receiving the OFAC broadcast messages. If you believe that may be the case, please discuss the matter with your IT department or network administrator. You may need to have your IT personnel allow e-mails from the following domain to come through the SPAM filter, "subscriptions.treas.gov;" in some cases allowing the domain, “treas.gov” through the filter will also work. If you believe that you have been removed from the subscription list in error you may contact OFAC at O_F_A_C@treasury.gov or re subscribe to our email services.

Date Released
April 21, 2015