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846. How do the sanctions imposed on the Iranian financial sector and Iranian financial institutions (FIs) pursuant to Executive Order (E.O.) 13902 affect waivers issued by the Department of State and exceptions set forth in the Iranian Freedom and Counter-proliferation Act of 2012 (IFCA)?


Waivers issued by the Department of State (State) and exceptions set forth in IFCA remain valid and activities conducted under them involving Iranian FIs are not sanctionable during the wind-down period described in FAQ 845.  Persons engaged in transactions or activities involving the Iranian financial sector or Iranian FIs sanctioned pursuant to E.O. 13902 that are permitted by a current State waiver or IFCA exception may continue these activities, in accordance with the conditions of those waivers or exceptions, without risking exposure to sanctions.  The State Department, in consultation with OFAC, continues to assess whether these waivers and exceptions require modification prior to the close of the wind-down period to account for actions taken pursuant to E.O. 13902 and ensure uninterrupted activity, as appropriate.  For more information, please contact the Department of State.

Date Released
October 8, 2020