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711. What are examples of a full-time schedule of activities for authorized travelers?


Authorized travelers to Cuba pursuant to most general license categories are expected to maintain a full-time schedule of activities consistent with the terms of the general license(s) pursuant to which they are traveling. For example:

  • An individual traveling to Cuba for four days pursuant to the authorization for professional research (31 CFR § 515.564(a)), such as a professional  architect, could conduct two days of research on Cuban architectural heritage that directly relates to the traveler’s profession, followed by one day of meetings with Cuban nationals engaging in historical preservation of colonial and baroque buildings in Havana. The following day the traveler could engage in a full day of site visits and fact-finding around Havana at key architectural sites.
  • An individual traveling pursuant to the authorization for journalistic activities could engage in three full days of interviews with local residents, followed by one full day of follow-up investigative research at local institutions.
  • A group of friends traveling to Cuba could maintain a full-time schedule volunteering with a recognized non-governmental organization to build a school for underserved Cuban children with the local community (31 CFR § 515.574). The travelers would need to ensure that their activities promote independent activity intended to strengthen civil society in Cuba and that they engage in a full-time schedule of activities that enhance contact with the Cuban people, support civil society in Cuba, or promote the Cuban people’s independence from Cuban authorities, and result in meaningful interaction between the travelers and individuals in Cuba. 
Date Released
September 23, 2020