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606. What activity will become sanctionable on or after August 7, 2018 under E.O. 13846 or other authorities?


After the 90-day wind-down period ends on August 6, 2018, the following sanctions come into effect, including under provisions of E.O. 13846 and relevant statutory authorities:

i. Sanctions on the purchase or acquisition of U.S. dollar banknotes by the GOI (see, e.g., subsection 1(a)(i) of E.O. 13846);
ii. Sanctions on Iran’s trade in gold or precious metals (see, e.g., subsection 1(a)(i) of E.O. 13846 and subsection 1245(a)(1)(A) of IFCA );
iii. Sanctions on the direct or indirect sale, supply, or transfer to or from Iran of graphite, raw, or semi-finished metals such as aluminum and steel, coal, and software for integrating industrial processes (see, e.g., section 5 of E.O. 13846 and subsections 1245(a)(1)(B)-(a)(1)(C) and (c) of IFCA);
iv. Sanctions on significant transactions related to the purchase or sale of Iranian rials, or the maintenance of significant funds or accounts outside the territory of Iran denominated in the Iranian rial (see, e.g., section 6 of E.O. 13846);
v. Sanctions on the purchase, subscription to, or facilitation of the issuance of Iranian sovereign debt (see, e.g., section 5 of E.O. 13846 and subsection 213(a) of TRA); and
vi. Sanctions on Iran’s automotive sector (see, e.g., subsections 2(a)(i) and 3(a)(i) of E.O. 13846).

Date Released
August 6, 2018