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568. I am a U.S. person, and I am also an employee, or sit on the board, of an entity that was either designated under E.O. 13661 or E.O. 13662, or blocked by operation of law pursuant to OFAC’s 50 percent rule on April 6, 2018 as a result of such a designation. Can I continue to be employed by or sit on the board of a blocked entity? What am I allowed to do with respect to severing ties with the entity?


Absent authorization from OFAC, your continued employment or board membership with such an entity is prohibited. You should review the actions you view as necessary to sever your ties with the blocked entity against applicable OFAC regulations, authorizations, and public guidance. If, after conducting that review, you decide that any of the contemplated activities necessary to sever the relationship are prohibited, you should apply for a specific license. If you are unsure about whether authorization is required, contact OFAC.

Date Released
April 6, 2018