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243. How can I send personal remittances to or from Iran under the Iranian Transaction and Sanctions Regulations (ITSR)?


The ITSR authorize the transfer of funds that are noncommercial and personal in nature to or from Iran or for or on behalf of an individual ordinarily resident in Iran, other than an individual whose property and interests in property are blocked pursuant to § 560.211, subject to certain restrictions and limitations. See 31 CFR 560.550. Such transfers must be processed by a United States depository institution or a United States registered broker or dealer in securities and not by any other U.S. person. The personal remittances general license does not permit a U.S. person to deal directly with money service businesses (MSBs) or hawalas, wherever located. However, this general license does not preclude United States depository institutions or United States registered brokers or dealers in securities from engaging or dealing with third-country MSBs or hawalas in the processing of the authorized transfers pursuant to section 560.550 of the ITSR.

The hand-carrying of certain noncommercial, personal remittances is also authorized, provided that the individual who is a U.S. person is hand-carrying the funds on his or her behalf, but not on behalf of another person. See 31 CFR 560.550.

Date Released
October 22, 2012