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1098. Does Venezuela General License (GL) 41 authorize U.S. persons to provide goods or services for Chevron Corporation’s (Chevron) operation and management of its joint ventures (JVs) in Venezuela?


Yes, provided that such goods and services are for certain activities related to the operation and management of Chevron’s joint ventures in Venezuela, as specified in GL 41.  Such activities include, among others, the production and lifting of petroleum or petroleum products produced by the Chevron’s JVs; related maintenance, repair, or servicing of the Chevron JVs; sale of petroleum or petroleum products to the United States produced by the Chevron JVs , provided that the petroleum and petroleum products produced by the Chevron JVs are first sold to Chevron; the procurement and import into Venezuela of goods or other inputs for authorized activities; and the processing of payments by U.S. financial institutions related to the foregoing activities.  Please see GL 41 for a complete list of authorized activities and associated conditions.

Date Released
November 26, 2022