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1026. Are non-U.S. persons exposed to sanctions if they continue to import to non-U.S. jurisdictions certain products of Russian Federation origin that are banned from the United States pursuant to Executive Order (E.O.) of March 11, 2022, “Prohibiting Certain Imports, Exports, and New Investment With Respect to Continued Russian Federation Aggression”?


E.O. of March 11, 2022 prohibits the importation into the United States of fish, seafood, and preparations thereof; alcoholic beverages; and non-industrial diamonds of Russian Federation origin.  To the extent the import of such products of Russian Federation origin to jurisdictions outside of the United States does not involve a sanctioned person or an otherwise prohibited transaction, non-U.S. persons are not exposed to sanctions under E.O. of March 11, 2022.

Date Released
March 11, 2022