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For the purposes of the determination of August 23, 2023 made pursuant to E.O. 14014, OFAC interprets the term “jet fuel sector of the Burmese economy” to include activities related to the importation, exportation, reexportation, sale, supply, or transport, directly or indirectly, of jet fuel in or involving Burma.

OFAC does not intend to target persons for engaging in activities related to civil aviation, including the sale, provision, or purchase of jet fuel to or for commercial airlines for air transport to and from Burma.  Rather, OFAC intends to target activities for or related to military regime end users in Burma, wherever situated (e.g., jet fuel used for military resupply aircraft, state-owned aircraft used by members of the military regime, and combat vehicles, including jets and attack helicopters, used in both offensive and defensive military operations inside Burma).  Anyone supplying jet fuel to individuals or entities in Burma should exercise extreme caution to ensure jet fuel is provided only for use in civil aviation and not to military regime users.

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No.  The OFAC Director, in consultation with the Department of State, has issued a determination pursuant to E.O. 14014 that authorizes the imposition of economic sanctions on any foreign person determined to operate in the jet fuel sector of the Burmese economy.

A sector determination pursuant to E.O. 14014 exposes persons that operate in an identified sector to sanctions risk; however, a sector determination does not automatically impose sanctions on all persons who operate in the sector.  Only foreign persons determined, pursuant to E.O. 14014, by the Secretary of the Treasury in consultation with the Secretary of State, to operate in the jet fuel sector of the Burmese economy are subject to sanctions.

Persons determined to operate in the jet fuel sector of the Burmese economy will be added to the Specially Designated Nationals and Blocked Persons List (SDN List).  

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