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Technical Announcement Regarding the Download of OFAC’s SDN and Consolidated List Files

In response to a necessary security upgrade, OFAC’s sanctions list files should now be downloaded using Transport Layer Security (TLS).  To update previously automated file download procedures, users should change the URL header for OFAC list data file from http:// to https://.  The remaining domain and folder locations for all  URLs related to OFAC’s SDN and Consolidated Sanctions List  data files will remain the same. 

For example, to download the current SDN.XML file a user would previously visit the following URL:

Due to the recent security enhancements, users should now visit the following URL:

Questions about this new capability may be directed to OFAC's Technical Support Hotline (1-800-540-6322 Option *) or OFAC's E-mail Feedback Account at OFAC_Feedback@treasury.gov.