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84. Does OFAC maintain its files on an FTP server or in locations other than on its website?  Does OFAC provide its files via Secure FTP (SFTP)?


Yes. OFAC maintains many of its sanctions list files on an FTP server.

This server can be accessed at: ftp://ofacftp.treas.gov.

The server will accept an anonymous login. OFAC's data is stored in the directories listed below.  OFAC does not currently support connections to this server via SFTP.

/fac_sdn - SDN legacy zip archive (XML and delimited files) and the advanced zip archive (advanced XML file)

/fac_delim - SDN data files (advanced XML file, legacy XML file, legacy delimited files) in un archived format

/ssi_list - All Sectoral Sanctions List files

/fse_list - All Foreign Sanctions Evaders List files

/ns_plc - All Non-SDN Palestinian Legislative Council Lists files

/consolidated_list - All Consolidated Non-SDN List data files

Date Released
April 13, 2017